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Wholesale Operations

Our wholesale and industrial fuels business focuses on responsive customer service, providing a reliable supply of quality products, and building long-lasting relationships. With an integrated supply chain and unwavering commitment to customer service, Irving Oil serves our customers in three unique markets:

Truck – For energy customers looking for gasoline, diesel, and aviation fuel in volumes greater than 200,000 barrels per shipment, We offers unmatched supply within our local region and beyond. Wholesale – With an extensive network of truck terminals we provide unbranded wholesale customers with quality grades of gasoline, diesel, and aviation fuel.


Transportation and storage in the oil and gas industry pertains to the movement of crude oil from the oil fields (where oil has been discovered) to petroleum refineries (where the oil is further processed) to storage areas, where the petroleum products are stored for distribution and emergency reserves.
From retail gas to industrial diesel, jet fuel to marine fuel, Tank Line Pro has a wide range of expertise and equipment to meet the ever-changing demands of the light petroleum industry. Our Fleet Managers are empowered decision-makers, ready to tackle your most challenging orders.

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