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Sync Your Account Data With Quickbook

Now ou can sync your invoices and payroles created by tankline pro to quickbook seamlessly and also other account info like payments, vouchers.

Dispatching and Tracking Software

Tanklinepo dispatch software is exclusive designed for Tankline business. Where Tankline operator and Gasoline carrier can manage orders from there customers online, dispatch in just one click, see order progress and location of vehicle/driver in real time.

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Integrated Documentation Solution

Documentation process is semi-automatic. ORDER processed by driver and verified by dispatcher will sent to your customer automatically. INVOICES can be made for userdefined billing period in just one click. PAYROLLS are created automaticaly dispatcher just need to verify daily work hours of driver at end of shift.

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You can dispatch order by selecting a driver from dropdown list and all the order informarion like Terminal, Gas Station, Quantity, Account,will be sent to driver mobile app with just ine click.


Track your Tanker/Truck over GPS tracking integrated with You don't need to go to any other site. Stop report for every order is genrated automaticaly and saved with order information.

Online Order

Your customer can create order onlie which will be sent to dispatcher automaticaly. Or dispatche can create and dispatch order received over email/fax.

Termianl Ticket Upload

Driver can take picture of two terminal tickets and upload for fast and easy order verification.

Stick Reading

Driver can enters stick reading for tanks on gas station along with quantity delovered.

Signature Verified Delivery

Driver can take signature of gas station attendent after showing delivery details to confirm delivery.

Order verification

Track any order condition just on on click, order pending or complete.

Re Dispatch Order

If one driver will busy . Resdispatch order and asign order to another driver.

See Location of Gas Station/ Terminal

Find the nearest gas station to you by browsing these gas station locations by state . Find the closest gas station in your state today.

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