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Online Order

Your or customers can place, edit or cancel orders online from Website or Phone App. To place order, user have to select pre entered source, destination, quantity and schedule and split a load. Customer can check status of order and would not need to call you for order status. Customer can also check execution details like delivered quantity, delivery time, terminal tickers and signature of customer representative for verification as soon as job is finished.

Multiple Orders

Customer or dispatcher can can place multiple orders at once. They can create multiple order as information comes to them for many sources and place order at once. Order information is saved in form until all the information is entered and submitted.

convenient dispatch

Dispatching of order can be done by two clicks in less than 10 seconds, by selecting one of your available drivers. All the order information will be on your driver's phone screen without any error or confusing in no time. You and check status of order and driver schedule in one glance. Dispatch can be done from computer and mobile app while on the move.


All the information regarding order as terminal ticket no., quantity loaded & delivered are entered by driver from a mobile app. This information entered by driver can be viewed by owner/dispatcher without any delay. Driver have to check-in the various stages like loaded, on the way, unloaded. Time and locations of check-in are collected automatically for various calculations. At delivery driver gets signature of person verifying delivery. All this information is collected in one entry for easy review by owner/dispatcher and customer.


You can track all of your fleet within the software on Web and Phone App. Where you can check current location of all trucks/tankers. Stop report is embedded within the order summary. Where you can check the addresses of all the stops made by driver more than the time specified by you to insure timely deliver. An alert to dispatcher is made if a driver is making a stop, which is not at designated destination.


invoice you customer, daily, weekly, bi-weekly or just after delivery is all up to a auto configure done by you. At end of billing period you can search all the orders of a particular customer and create an invoice with one click along with summary of all orders included in invoice. Order billed once can never be billed again. Invoice is saved in software database and could be accessed at any time in future.


At end of pay period, making payroll is as easy as on click. Work hours of the driver are calculated from the logIn and Logout time in the app. To make this time information more reliable, GPS location and other parameters are set in such a way, a alert to dispatcher is created for any suspected login and logout. Dispatcher can review work-hour calculated by software on daily biases.

Mobile App

Mobile app enables you to manage your business when you are on move, your customer can place order on move, you can add and dispatch orders and check status, and your driver can update their job progress from mobile device.

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